The Forum

Once the location of the first bank in Chautauqua County, The Forum is now the location of Galactic Systems Headquarters, along with several other company projects. In the heart of downtown Jamestown, NY we work hard to inspire the community through science, business, and the arts. Our central location is easy to get to. The local power plant even uses waste heat to melt snow in the parking lot across the street from our office.

Through our Jamestown Eco Tech Business Incubator Program, located inside The Forum, we help transform new technology and business models into new companies. The community is always invited to use the facility to transform their ideas into new businesses.

The Forum is not your typical office space. One the most important assets any aerospace company can have is a creative workforce, after all we do build things that have ever been built before. This is why the company promotes a variety of arts centered programs at The Forum.

The Argo Theater and accompanying art gallery produce a wide range of theater, music, dance, film, lecture, and art events. Each year during the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, The Forum hosts a space related art show. From historical space art to space related science fiction art, the event is a chance to explore the depths of creativity with the community and advocate for space exploration.

As a versatile multipurpose office space, The Forum is an asset to the community, by allowing creative minds to develop new ideas and experiment with artistic endeavors.

It should be noted that The Forum provides all of these services to the community without any grant funding, utilizing free market principals along with creative approaches to community development.

The Forum is a place for business development, aerospace research, and creative thinking. Galactic Systems is proud that our headquarters is shared with the community to inspire new ideas.