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Communication for Engineers Lecture at Ibero-American University

Galactic Systems CEO, Conor McGibboney, recently gave a lecture on Communication for Engineers to students at Ibero-American University. Ibero-American University has a distinguished list of alumni and is a highly prestigious university located in Mexico City. The students were studying various engineering disciplines such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering. The lecture focused on project management systems, as well as writing lab reports and lab manuals, with some preliminary information about Galactic Systems’ projects such as Transmit.Space and Aerospace Music.

Project management systems are not just important for corporations, they are indispensable tools for engineers. The lecture discussed large scale aerospace engineering failures, which could have been prevented by proper use of project management systems. In addition, the importance of writing thorough lab manuals, when conducting research, was discussed. Use of project management systems can help with creating a well written and detailed lab manual, which is integral to finalizing research papers and lab reports.

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Creativity in the Aerospace Industry Lecture

Conor McGibboney, CEO of Galactic Systems LLC, offers a lecture that discusses the importance of Creativity in the Aerospace Industry. The lecture covers inspiration in the laboratory as well as the importance of embracing ingenuity in aerospace programs. The same type of creativity that is used to produce a painting or write music is the same type of ingenuity used to solve math problems or design spacecraft. Understanding the role creativity can play in solving complex problems as well as providing quality education, is instrumental in building things that have never been built before. The aerospace industry needs inventive minds to explore the unknown and to engineer the heretofore impossible.

In any aerospace program, researchers will confront problems never encountered before. To overcome these obstacles, scientists and engineers must use their creativity. Alongside using imagination to solve problems in the laboratory, the relationship between creativity in the arts and the sciences has far reaching implications towards building a peaceful space‐faring civilization and exploring the unknown.

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Galactic Systems Seeks Collaboration with Musicians

Galactic Systems wants to work with local musicians to produce educational aerospace-engineering-related songs for students.

Aware of the immense creative talent in New York, Galactic Systems would like to encourage local musicians to write and record songs for the company’s new project. The company will purchase the songs at various rates depending on length and number of instruments. is a tool for learning about aerospace engineering and related scientific fields. The ultimate goal of the project is to inspire students to be excited about learning mathematics and aerospace topics through music. Songs should be family friendly and discuss topics for students of all ages.

The minimum length of the songs should be 1 minute. Songs can be about aerospace or general space topics or math topics related to aerospace or space. Songs already submitted to have been about instruments onboard spacecraft and specific missions, as well as relevant aerospace engineering definitions. Submissions and questions should be emailed to contact(at)

Jamestown, NY musician Chris Bell has already contributed a song called A Half Life Away about Nuclear Fission and David Cassel of Los Angeles has contributed a song entitled Specific Impulse, which is about the measure of efficiency of rocket or jet engines.